3 Tips for Designing an Event Website

If you want to attract people to your next big event, you simply must create a website to showcase it. Without such a platform, you won’t be able to provide potential attendees with the information they need to locate your event and make a decision as to whether or not they actually want to make an appearance at it.

To ensure that your next event is as successful as it can possibly be, be sure to put the following web-design advice into practice. Here are three tips for designing an appealing, expert, and professional event website:


Your website’s main goal is to convince potential attendees that your event is actually going to be worth attending. To help them form an opinion on your event quickly, you should refrain from posting content that is too wordy. You have to get straight to the point, which is why all of your content should be clear, coherent, and concise.

Here are seem of the basic pieces of information that you should be sure to provide in your straight-to-the-point copy:

  • The name of your event
  • Details about date, time and location
  • Short description about the purpose of the event
  • Calls-to-action that make people want to buy tickets


Your website will act as the go-to destination for your customers whenever they are in need of information regarding your event, which means that it must remain active and responsive around the clock. Any instances of downtime could end up deterring potential attendees, which is why you must make an effort to keep your site up at all conceivable points.

One way to ensure that your event website remains responsive 24/7 is to make use of uptime technology. This type of tech will alert you to any instances of your site going down or becoming unresponsive. As soon as you receive this alert, which will come in the form of either an SMS message or an email, it would then be your job to get your site back up and running promptly.


If your website is slow, unappealing, unsecure or hard-to-navigate, visitors won’t have any qualms in leaving it in search of another site that gives them exactly what they want. Ultimately, this will harm your chances of attracting a vast amount of people to your event. It is for this reason why you must test your website to ensure that it is capable of providing your audience with the high-quality experience that they expect in today’s digital climate.

Fortunately, thanks to digital performance companies such as Digivante, you don’t have to take on this arduous task alone. Their professional testing methods will ensure that your site is free of bugs, they will make sure that your site isn’t blighted with spelling and grammar mistakes, and they will make sure that your site is compliant with the very latest cybersecurity regulations.

If you want your next big event to experience copious amounts of footfall, it is essential that you create a website for it.