Working in Non-Traditional Event Venues

On this episode of Event TALK we are speaking with PS Ives, Co-Founder of Space in the Raw. We will learn what non-traditional event venues can offer planners, and how meeting and event planners should prepare for and manage an event in a non-traditional venue.

Listen to show host Al Wynant and guest PS Ives discuss the following:

  • The benefit and opportunity for a meeting or event planner in exploring non-traditional event venues.
  • What planners need to keep in mind when booking a non-traditional venue.
  • How meeting planners should evaluate the use of a non-traditional venue compared to a hotel ballroom.
  • Once a venue is booked, what do planners need to be aware of as they go execute the event in a venue that is a blank canvas?
  • Top 3 tips planners should keep in mind when sourcing a non-traditional venue and the top tips for them to keep in mind in managing the event at the venue?
  • PS also discusses an example of an especially well-executed event and why was that event is so successful?


PS Ives co-founded Space in the Raw in 2015 after 10 years as venue broker locating unique spaces for the event industry. Space in the Raw aims to match properties that are on the market long term with planners and events. Working with blue chip companies like Google, Nike, Microsoft and Sony, she recognized a gap in the event industry. Increasingly, companies want to create one of a kind brand experiences and request unique event spaces to make this a reality.

Building her career, turning traditional real estate into event spaces and launching the popular venue, Location 05 in 2011, PS was inspired to co-found Space in the Raw. Space in the Raw focuses on transforming vacant real estate for short-term commitments. She believes that whatever clients envision, Space in the Raw can create it.


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