How to select the right speaker

Selecting the right speakers can make or break your meeting. The good ones see themselves as part of the larger event team and will share their wealth of experience to insure your overall success. The bad ones see themselves as the star-of-the-show, with little consideration for the needs of other (often non-professional) speakers on the program. 

Join our complimentary webinar on Thursday, May 17 at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time, presented by Orvel Ray Wilson,CSP standing-ovation keynoter, best-selling author, elite speaker coach. You will learn the 10 guidelines to screen the mountain of material that your speakers or their bureaus will send you. You will walk away with the knowledge to hire the best speakers for your meetings, conferences and events. 

This webinar is a must attend for any professional meeting planner or marketer responsible for hiring speakers. For speakers, it’s a way to learn how to position and present yourself to planners. 


About our guest speaker, Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP. 

Standing-ovation keynoter, best-selling author, elite speaker coach. 

How does a small business survive in today's hyper-competitive, box-store-dominated marketplace? Orvel Ray will show you how, with literally hundreds of simple, low-cost or no-cost sales and marketing tips that can mean big profits. A rarity in the field, he's a highly motivating speaker with content. Engaging and funny, he's a 40-year veteran of the platform, and it shows! 

“Dynamic,” “Exciting,” “Motivating,” “Down-to-earth,” “A master story-teller,” “Practical ideas I can use right away;” these are just a few of the superlatives audiences use to describe Wilson’s work. A best-selling author and standing-ovation speaker on sales, marketing and negotiation, his work has earned international acclaim. His take-no-prisoners “guerrilla” approach is unconventional, entertaining, highly motivating and devastatingly effective. 

He’s a coauthor of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, with more than 23 million books sold worldwide, including Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Negotiating and Guerrilla Retailing. A veteran of the platform, he has addressed audiences large and small in more than 1,000 cities and 47 countries on every continent except Antarctica. 

In an international Internet poll, he’s been honored as one of the “Top 5 Sales and Marketing Speakers” in the world a record five years straight. 

In 2001 he was named "Speaker of the Year" by Meetings Professions International (MPI), San Diego. 

In 1997, he earned the highest level of certification conferred by the National Speakers Association, the Certified Speaking Professional. Fewer than 300 professional speakers worldwide have earned this distinction. 

After four decades on the international circuit, he now coaches other speakers to discover, develop, and deliver their message to the world.


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